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The Little Yogi - Yoga Stretches For You and Your Little Homie

The Little Yogi - Yoga Stretches For You and Your Little Homie


We all know how much spare time you have as a parent. Loads right? You’re almost bored, can’t possible fill all that spare time in your day? Kidding.. We know you’ve forgotten the meaning of a spare minute, so we’ve created a few child and time friendly yoga stretches for you and your Little Homie to rock together at home. Not only are they a quick and take up no time in your busy schedule, but they’ll help keep you and your Little Yogi calm, relaxed and ready for the chaos the rest of your day brings. 

So put on some Biggie and get bending, hold each pose for 20 seconds and repeat 5 reps.


A good one to remind you of the Warrior Mother you are.



Repeat on both sides to make sure you get an even stretch down your body.



Not the easiest of stretches but definitely one to help calm the mind and centre that chi.

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