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The Little Homie’s Guide to (W)rapping Like a Gangsta

The Little Homie’s Guide to (W)rapping Like a Gangsta

Hopefully you’ve seen that we’ve dropped our latest Little Homie merch – The Sleepy Homie Muslin Wrap. One for the mamas, this wrap features some of our fave iconic hip-hop faces printed on a soft cotton fabric.

Like all good products, this bad boy has a multitude of functions that go far beyond your standard baby swaddle. While it’s perfect for wrapping up your Little Homie tight when it’s time for them to catch some Zzz, it also comes in crazy handy in numerous parenting situ’s that involve older kids also – let’s check them out.



Blanket - boom!

Throw the Sleepy Homie Muslin Wrap down at a picnic, the beach or simple on the ground for everyone’s fave daily occurrence, tummy time. Perfect for any surface due to its lightweight nature and easy clean fabric.


Breastfeeding cover

For those mamas who want a little privacy when out and about, our muslin is perfect for covering you and your Small when it’s feeding o’clock. Furthermore, grab your muslin when your Little Homie has finished eating as a burping cloth. We all know a little bit of that white gold is coming back up, catch that mess in the wrap for a fuss-free feed.


Can’t find the wet wipes?

No problem, grab your Sleepy Homie Muslin to wipe up the most suspicious of messes. Due to its 100% cotton fabric it’s nice and absorbent and easy to clean - all you have to do is throw that bad boy in the wash (or even just let said suspicious liquid dry, no judgement here). 



Please don't go in there..

Is your Little Homie prone to jumping in any form of water they see? No problem. Grab the Sleepy Homie Muslin when your Small decides to take a swim in the shopping mall fountain or an impromptu beach swim in the middle of winter.


Nap on the go!

Clip our muslin to your pram for the perfect lightweight cover for when babe is (hopefully) fast asleep on one of your countless laps of the park.



Perfect for when the teeth are coming through, wrap a frozen breast milk ice cube (or just a regular ice cube) in our muslin to make the perfect teething ring for your Little Homie on the go. Gentle on their gums due to the soft cotton fabric, the Sleepy Homie Muslin is perfect for improvising when you’ve forgotten the essentials.




Gangsta Gifting

Not a parent? Not a problem! The Sleepy Homie Muslin Wrap is the perfect gift for a parent-to-be. You can even get it with a cheeky discount when you grab The Gangsta (W)rap Gift Bundle. Combined with our iconic books A B to Jay-Z and 1 2 3 with The Notorious B.I.G, this combination is the ultimate gift when it comes to showering your soon-to-be mama.  


Boss time

And lastly, for those days when you’re feeling like you can’t quite go on and need a parental pick-me-up, throw the muslin over your shoulders and wear it like the Superhero you are. Remember being a parent is tough, but so are you! 



Haven’t got a clue what we’re talking about? Head to our website to check out this latest and greatest. Stock is limited on our Sleepy Homie Muslin Wraps so get in A$AP Rocky to make sure you don’t miss out.