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We know her for her iconic suits, Chanel No.5 and the Little Black Dress, but Coco Chanel has so much more of an inspirational story than turning the fashion industry on its head.

Orphaned at the age of 12 in France, Coco, (once named Gabrielle!) reinvented herself to move away from the common lifestyles.. It was during this time at an covent-ran orphanage that she would find her love of opulence and baroque style, inspired by the religious garments worn by those in the church.

Come 17, Coco became a seamstress and but also sing at night for military men She slowly started to make a name for herself, dressing like no one else in her own designs, taking inspiration from masculine attire. Not just her style, she was known for rebellious acts against gender stereotypes, like refusing the ride side saddle. 

She eventually started her on boutique in Deauville and Blarritz where her first clients were mostly working girls, however high society quickly followed. She cut hemlines, freed waistlines from corsets, used jersey and created the iconic 1920s look that’s so synonymous with that era today. She stripped off women’s hats to remove the feathers and flowers to make them more simple and chic. She created one of the first styles for women’s equality. 

Love or hate the Chanel style, the woman is one of the first women in business to go against the grain and carve her own path in society. Her creativity and entrepreneurial skills are by far one of the greatest rags to riches stories of all time. 


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